The next big Layoff in Dubai

In a country where most almost all of the people are used to getting their cars fueled by someone will find it hard as renowned pumps like eppo and enoc have started trials on implementing self-service schemes for its customers. Enoc, had a similar trial in 2008 in 10 filling stations in Dubai but had to scrap it after two- thirds of its customers said they dislike the system. 

 payments methods to avoid misuseImageImage,

The next attempt to this system has started in selected outlets which encourage customers for self service. The outlets has to find effective payment methods as its easy for people to fill fuel and run before they make payments. Even though the company might have a justifiable answer to this new scheme, at the end of the day it’s a matter of cutting costs and making profits. As, more and more customers get used to the self service system the more number of layoffs will be for the hundreds working at these pumps.


Raunaq Mathew, Dubai Campus


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