– Social Media for Social Change. #Women2Drive


The use of internet-based social media like twitter and facebook has increased rapidly the past few years. This has led to people across the globe using especially twitter and facebook to aware people all around the world on what is actually going on in many countries. Campaigns created on social media receive wide international attention.

The ‘women to drive’ social campaign that started in Saudi Arabia and went all over social media as #women2drive. In 2011 they started a facebook and twitter campaign and the women said that they were inspired by the Arab-spring in the neighbouring countries. The percentage of women active on social media in Saudi Arabia and other neighbouring countries have increased remarkably the past few years. Women not being allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia decrease their opportunities and put them in a certain position. #women2drive has been supported by many and by politicians such as Hilary Clinton and also by some royals in Saudi Arabia. 17% of the women in Saudi Arabia are employed and almost half of the graduates in Saudi Arabia are women, they have one of the lowest number of women in work in the world. Therefore, the women of #women2drive believes that women being able to drive will result as a right that will create opportunities within work and business. It will also lead the women to take part of the economy.

– Lydia Berhe, (Hendon Campus)


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