Qatar World Cup

Over 500 Indian migrants in Qatar have died as a result of building the infrastructure that will host the 2022 World Cup. Many Indians and Nepalese workers go to Gulf states in a bid to have a better life and make enough money to send remittances back home, however the reality proves otherwise, many of these workers will not even make it back home alive and are put to work in horrible working conditions as illustrated in the video. The Labour laws in place at the moment make it so that these poor migrants who go over to work in Qatar have practically no rights whatsoever, the Qatari labour code (kafala system) ensures that all the power is given to the employers and not the employees, because of this labour code employees in Qatar are able to confiscate their workers passports making sure that they cannot leave the country, pay salaries late or in some circumstances not at all, this is all working in the benefit of the rich to keep them in a position to continue being able to exploit workers and just ensuring the status quo.

Wafaa Ashur


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