How harmless downloads threaten a whole industry.


As per figures illegal movie download has risen 30% last year and its causing the industry a loss of 170 million pounds. David Heyman, producer of all eight Harry Potter movies said, “Young people feel a sense of entitlement to download illegal movies and music but they are not presented is how their taking away jobs”.

The people who work on cinema sets are not much different from other who has a normal job. If a film does not get the royalty it deserves, the next time a studio produces a movie they will have cut down its budget which takes away the job of normal technicians and junior artists who are never on screen but are working very hard in the making the movie and are paid normal wages. So, the 10 pounds we spend on a cinema goes a long way in making the film and keeps people paying their mortgages.

Raunaq Mathew, Dubai Campus


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