High paid CEOs and the low-waged workers


America is supposed to be the land of opportunity, where hard work is meant to pay off and be appreciated. The last decades the corporate CEOs have been taking a greater share of money whilst unemployment keeps rising and wages are decreasing. The high paid CEOs and the low-wage employers keep nourishing the economic inequality in the United States. Half of the people in America who make minimum wage or below are 25 years old or older, most of the minimum wage workers are women over the age of 25. Which means that many of them might have children and a family and still live in poverty although they have a job. This leads to people depending more on welfare although they have a job- because their wages do not cover their needs.


This is not the way it should be and politicians should raise the minimum wage. Employees should be paid a wage they can live of and they should also be given a voice to demand their share of money.

– Lydia Berhe, (MDX, London)


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