Globalisation VS Culture


Recently Qatar has been under construction and renovation whilst boasting the worlds highest GDP per capita in a single generation. It doesn’t take time to see globalization in action, in Doha whilst your driving you certain to witness this change. Commercially speaking globalization exists intensely as most streets in Doha have been infiltrated by international franchises, whether it’s the fast food restaurants or Luxurious brands, hence cultural globalization is evident, the spread of ideas and concepts is alive and kicking in Qatar. Globalization has a bright side as well as a dark side, and although it certainly empowers certain people , its dark side is evident as its impact is uneven and we can say that when we talk about the difference between Qatar’s local community, and the expats, we can say that globalization and consumerism in a small state where expats are a majority, will certainly erode the culture and history with time.

 The manifestation of western consumerism is evident in the way the abaya has been worn these days, with girls wearing jeans beneath it and carrying a Marc Jacobs bag. Doha’s oldest market Souq Waqif has even been modernised, the last remaining authenticity has been affected by cultural globalisation to the point that the ‘Souq’ is selling ‘traditional’ products that are made in china and right opposite the stall there’d be a Dunkin Donuts stall.

 However the real struggle lies in the fact that the majority of the population is the expatriate workforce and migrants, out of the 1.8 million only 300,000 are Qatari the impact of cultural globalisation in Qatar is yet to be seen, however it is evident that in the process of Qatar becoming a more developed nation, they are also losing out on their culture and identity to a certain extent in the process.


Wafaa Ashur


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