Banking on Haitis Poor

Globalization refers to this growing sense of interconnectedness. It signifies the deepening enmeshment of societies in a web of worldwide flows of capital, goods, services, migrants and ideas which then brings about social and economic change or growth some of which Haiti as has not seen and given the devastation the earthquake caused Haiti’s situation went from bad to worse. However with this type of “rural banking” this can really alleviate some of the issues poor haitians have, these banks are able to provide loans that help fund small businesses and ensure that people are able to get back on their feet after losing many of their belongings and livelihoods in the earthquake. Not only has banks such as these allowed people to take out loans, it has also made it easier for people in these rural areas to receive money from family members and people abroad which many depend on. In this case the Haitians in these rural areas are the winners, these banks have allowed them to be eligible whereas if they were to use banks under a different system they would not making their lives a little bit easier after all they have been through.

Paloma-Nicole Dias Dos Santos


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