Youth Empowerment

With the amount of resources a country like Nigeria possesses one would assume that the percentage of people living under the poverty line should be greatly minimal to the current stats. With up to 40% of the population living under the line, several factors like corruption, mismanagement and even tribalism are blamed as the reason for this. I believe a major reason for such a large percentage living in these conditions is the country’s lack of youth inclusion in anything. The amount of youth with degrees but without jobs is alarming and as such are living under the poverty line. If the government include the youths more in certain decision or even just to heat their point of view on how they could be helped, this could go a long way in the poverty reduction scheme that will inturn help the whole country.

184968_202284706450702_200635923282247_782078_4339797_n yedi_logo_FINAL-e1350954119639

Kelvin O’D (Middlesex University Dubai).


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