Indian farmers and suicide


Since the 1990’s have become one of the main headlines in india, with the highest percent noted in the state of Maharastra. As, per UN figures 20% of Indian population consists of these farmers which make the backbone of the economy. BBC estimates that as of 2010 the suicide toll was close to 190000. Even though there are many social reasons to this cause, the main cause is their inability to sustain their livelihood. The

One of the main causes that the campaign groups have found is the high priced genetically modified seeds which famers often take loans to buy for better yield but due to unpredictable climatic conditions the yield might get destroyed. Then, these farmers won’t be able to pay back these loans and the banks cease their collateral which was taken up for the loan and this pushes them to the verge of suicide.

Another important reason which are faced by the farmers are the influence of multinational retailers in the market which appoint middle men to buy crops like onion from these farmers and sell them at high level of profit.  The farmers are the ultimate losers in the whole process as only a small share are given to them which is only enough for them to pay the interests for the loan they have taken for the purchase of the seeds. If, this disparity remains farmers will go out searching for jobs in other field which will eventually decrease the revenue of the country and india will have to replay on imports.


Raunaq Mathew, Dubai Campus.


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