Who actually benefited in the onion crises of 2013 in India?


The influence of powerful multinational retailers can be seen during the onion crises of 2013 where there was a huge shortage of onion in the whole Indian market. One of the aim reason for this shortage was that, before the the actual seasonal demand for onion. Reliance, with one of the biggest retail outlets in India( Reliance Fresh), purchased most of the onions from these farmers at a rate higher than the rate they get from the local wholesalers and stocked them. So, at the time of shortage most of the country’s production was with reliance which made them control of the prices which was 324% above than the actual price and led to a huge inflation which ultimately overthrew the central government(BJP) of India as they were not able to control these prices.

This incident clearly shows the power of MNC’s or a powerful actor which can over throw the powers of the state and makes them the ultimate looser of the whole process. Also, the farmers in the country are looted as they only get only a small share of the total profit where ironically they are the ones who do most of the intense labor and hard work.



Raunaq Mathew, Dubai Campus


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