Kenya, along with India, are the largest producers and exporters of tea in the world accounting for 20% of theirs exports. it is truly astonishing how much the UK drinks tea everyday. 165 million cups of tea is drank everyday, which accounts for 60 billion a year. with high demands of tea in the UK, the UK now imports 19% of there tea from Kenya.

With high demands of tea around the world, Kenya most be making huge amounts of profit from the tea industry.

HOWEVERRRR !!!!!!!!!!!

Due to the barriers and tariffs being removed during the 1980s that was imposed by the Structural Adjustment Programmes, this had led to a huge amount of foreign direct invest in Kenya and as a result, due to the global chain supply the majority of the profits go to the Multinational Co-operations !!

The figures look scary to how much tea pickers truly make from such a high demand commodity. A tea picker makes 1p for every £1.60 box of tea bags sold in a British supermarket. That is less than £40 a month.

Not only that but the working conditions are also really awful. women from the age of 11 have to hold a basket on their back all day which can hold up to 15KG of tea. This just shows how their are no safety regulations  put in place by these Multinational Co-operations. It truly is astonishing that these kind of working conditions and wages still exist in this day in age, it really does reveal the true extent between the division between rich and poor on an international national and local level !!






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