England £90 World Cup shirt made by Indonesian workers earn 30p an hour !

With the World Cup round the corner teams participating bring out new shirts for supporters. there has been much controversy towards the England shirt as the replica shirt is an astonishing £90 !! It was found that the Indonesian Nike workers make just 30p an hour, which is far below a living wage and therefore hard to maintain a family that amount.  

What is more disappointing is that England players are on hundreds of thousands of pounds compared to the workers that produce their kit. Wayne Rooney makes £300,000 per week for his club for just kicking a ball around a pitch.   

A Nike worker sews a nike sweatshirt roughly every 30 seconds handing over 120 an hour producing vast quantities. A worker earns £117 a month meaning that they struggle with basic needs such as housing and food.

The issue with workers getting paid less is an on going issue that has been going on for years and yet nothing has been done to tackle the situation at all. Tuff sanctions needs to be made against these large multinational cooperations because these are the living standard of people at stake.






Nawid  Roufi 


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