Defending Capitalism

Nowadays people are questioning: is capitalism the best system? What does it bring to society? They keep claiming that capitalism usually brings inequality, class division and allows for rich people lobby from poor. Is it really true? Let me look at this situation from another point of view.


Capitalism in free labour economy and free market actually creates healthy competition. It allows for people to seek and do more in order to get more. In other words, if person is interested to provide better life for himself and his family, he needs to find better job, work harder or learn something new. It is basically: you get what you try for. There is no limits, the human by itself probably is the only limit.


Example for that is United States and its benefits programme before crisis hit the world. People were not entitled to any kind of benefits if they were not working. Well, there were benefits, but they were given just under fair circumstances which mean that any person who was able actually not to work and get the help from the state was that who had health problems, children that were not able to stay alone at home or etc. What does it mean? People were not sitting at home and waiting for state to provide income for them, they were actually working, using their talents to earn. That strongly increased employment and decreased unemployment in United States of America.


It all leads to the point, were we can understand that people are able to take care of themselves and state should not be involved by providing benefits for everyone who quit the job, just because they did not liked it. Because, I am really sorry to say, but these days people are mostly using help from they states when they do not actually need it.. Most of them are just lazy to work, or are thinking that there is no point to work if the same amount of money can be provided from state even if they stays at home.. Meanwhile if there would be no easy benefits for lazy people. They would be forced to look for work in order to provide good life for themselves.


I believe that this would be a great medicine from this unemployment virus that keeps spreading all around the world.




One thought on “Defending Capitalism

  1. You seem to be suggesting that capitalism and the free market provide a level playing field – as you put it ‘you get what you try for’. Unfortunately the idea of a level playing field is nothing but a myth/theory that is found in textbooks. In reality, there are many issues such as institutional racism and sexism that exist. Simply ‘getting a job’ is not always as easy as it sounds. To claim that ‘many’ people that claim benefits are simply ‘lazy’ is a gross generalisation – in reality, benefit fraud in the UK is not actually as high as people seem to think it is.

    A much larger problem is that of tax evasion, and I think there should be more focus on big businesses and corporations not paying tax, as opposed to focusing on taking benefits away from so called ‘lazy’ members of society. The single mother working more than one job and struggling to feed her children should not have her benefit allowance cut, simply because a small number of people abuse the benefit system.

    We have a number of different rights, and it is our governments responsibility to fulfil those rights, such as healthcare and education. You only need to look at the atrocious healthcare system of the US to see that privatised healthcare only benefits a small percentage of society, and leaves the rest extremely vulnerable.

    I’m not suggesting that we forget about capitalism entirely and look for a completely new economic model, but I do think we should reexamine the existing system and try to alter it in a way so that it benefits everyone. For example by encouraging more businesses to be social businesses – driven by a social mission rather than be driven by profit. Ridiculing and generalizing benefit claimants simply because a small percentage of society abuses the system does not really help anyone.

    Deena Abdo

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