Powerful Russia

This video very well describes situation of Ukaine. People of Ukraine are still not happy with political situation of the country. They are still violent and trying to encourage revolution in the country.. Were that would lead Country and its people? I believe that only God knows… It might cause one more invasion of Russia, it might cause more deaths of people.. Or it might acctually encourage West to look in to whole Ukranian situTion in more serious way..
We all saw what was going on in Krymea and how easily Russia was allowed to bring their military.. How easily it started what contradicts all internationl laws.. In video we can see how people of Krymea are shouting that they in Russia.. That they are back in were they supposed to be.. That remindes me of soviet times and russian invasions in many Baltic countries.. However, the world is still just watching and not taking any actions. Does anyone wants to guess were further it will go? Because I am already lost in this Russian winning and West losing game…


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