Chinese Diasporas in Different Countries and Globalisation


Chinese diasporas can be found almost in every country around the world, probably you can find it even in each country in the world. Of course, they did not appear in many countries just because of globalisation but it is one of the most important reasons why they flourish now. Globalisation allowed many Chinese to go abroad and join Chinese communities in different countries. As a result, Chinese diasporas are very successful in most of the cases. Their business flourish. The level of influence became higher, especially in South East Asian countries such as Singapore or Indonesia. Globalisation allowed to trade more which lead to many deals in financial sector. As a result, in some cases Chinese communities control the biggest companies in other countries. As it was mentioned before, globalisation is not the only reason of powerful Chinese communities in different countries, they were there before, but globalisation allowed them to reach very high levels which previously could never be reached because of different obstacles in terms of economic, social or political conditions. However, what we see now, is that Chinese diasporas are very organised and supportive to its members. Furthermore, Chinese government also plays important role in this process which makes Chinese communities even more powerful.
For example, in Vietnam Chinese companies are involved in many major projects in myriad road projects, power plants and mining operations. In Philippines Chinese foreign workers are slowly taking over the country’s labour market and country is not able to control their entry. This fear was expressed by the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines. Another example is Indonesia where only 4 percent of the population are Chinese Indonesians. However, their presence in the economy is very powerful.
It is just examples of few countries. There are more of them. Globalisation helped Chinese communities to become more powerful. It allowed their business to flourish and their influence to grow. As a result, Chinese diasporas are winners of globalisation.




Adil Zhaukov

Dubai Campus




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