There are certain people in the UK who are claiming millions in benefits at the expense of the taxpayer. One of these ‘benefit scroungers’ has recently sold her home, which the taxpayer helped to pay for. I’m not referring ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ who rely on the state to subsidise their income from the low-paid jobs in order to feed their children. These benefit scroungers are tasked with running the country. If you haven’t already realised as to whom I am referring to, I am of course addressing the MPs. It has recently emerged that a Tory MP and cabinet member Maria Miller has been involved in yet another expenses scandal. On this occasion, Miller was found to have over-claimed for expenses on her mortgage by £45,00.


So I ask Mr Cameron, are we really all in this together? The vilified ordinary working class benefit claimant has had to face cuts in their benefits, while MPs like Miller are allowed to receive benefits towards their £1 million homes. It appears as though the government’s neoliberal agenda only applies to ordinary, hard working Brits. The winners in today’s neoliberal Britain are those who are able to accumulate vast amounts of wealth at the expense of the taxpayer. The losers are those who are finding it increasingly difficult to sustain a modest standard of living. The Mr and Mrs Smith of the UK who work long hours for £6 per hour on ‘zero contract’ employment. The hard working individual who is having to subsidise for ‘spare rooms’ and those who are having to rely on charities in order to feed their family. 






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