Sisi yes! Sisi yes! Morsi no! Morsi no!

With over 12 thousand hits on YouTube and counting, this Egyptian woman has become the face of Sisi’s military regime. She has also become the face of the real “losers” in Egypt. The people who have become inconsistent in what they want out of a government, and the people who barely give the government a chance before blood is shed and people are killed.
Egypt was not handed to Morsi on a silver platter, immaculate in its policies, and perfect in its relations with the Egyptian people. In all honesty it was not handed to him at all. The Egyptian people voted him in! After a peaceful uprising that demonstrated to the West as well as the rest of the Eastern world how civilized Egypt and its people were we have been left this, more than 700 people dead.
700 deaths which could have been avoided if the Morsi government had been given a chance to change the Mubarak regime. A 30 year long regime is hard to destroy in just 3 years, which is why in my opinion the Egyptian people are the real “losers”. The losers because the government in which they voted was not able to reach its full term, as a democratic nation should, the losers because of who they have now put their trust in, a man who secretly forced his way to the top. And finally, the losers because of the sheer amount of children left homeless,fatherless or motherless because of this needless thirst for blood.
(Hafsah Butt)


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