Middle East Oil under American control (Blood for Oil)

Middle East Oil under American control (Blood for Oil)



According to a report by Greg Palast of BBC 2 News night, the Bush administration had made plans for war over Iraq’s oil long before the 9/11 attacks. Even at a time when George Bush had announced that the US and Britain would bomb Bagdad, people around the world protested against such plan and many were convinced that America had a secret agenda to invade Iraq and topple its president Saddam Hussein for the control of oil. It is believe that according to an Iraq oil consultant Falah Ajibury, he claimed that he was used by the US to help plan a force Coup d état. From leaked information, America’s aim was to sell off all of Iraqi’s oil fields and with the intention of using Irag’s oil to help force the OPEC prices to go down. America preferred that Iraq oil was under the control of the government as compared to privatisation, as this would lead to Russia having control of some of the reserves.


In an article by the Independent, it stated that the West has always had intentions to profit from Iraqi’s most precious commodity. Secretly leaked information also proves that the Western oil companies had intentions to be the largest beneficiaries of oil production in the Middle East. As former vice-president Dick Cheney stated in 1999 that Iraq’s oil reserves were there third largest in the world with an estimate of 115 million barrels that awaits extraction. In order to achieve their aims, America was ready to have Iraq’s former president Saddam Hussein hanged. The British and Americans have continuously denied their involvement in the Iraq war was for the control of oil.


Before the Iraq war President George Bush claimed that Iraq oil would pay for the reconstruction this was not so after the war as there was shortage of revenue to pay for reconstruction. The involvement of Britain and America has angered the people of Iraq and they have refused to have Iraq’s future determined by foreigners. In my opinion, America’s foreign policy has always been to seek the control of geopolitics as a hegemonic country. It appears that America seeks to intervene in the control of resources that are important for building America’s economy. America and its allies will intervene either by humanitarian grounds or occupation. The real winners of any such intervention are the Americans and its western allies at the expense of bloodshed.






Emmanuel Adewoyin (M00476497)


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