Does democracy still matter? (IV)

Does democracy still matter? (IV) 

Does democracy still matter? Unfortunately more and more signs suggests that in todays world democracy is becoming a hollow idea. As cold war provided opportunities to elevate democracy as the best system to which all should aspire, at the same time provided hard evidence that in practice implementing democratic rule is far behind the spread of idea. Later on the unbreakable bond between capitalism and democracy lost its strength, and have been shown that this two can exist separately and with great success. Because of rapid globalisation, interconnection of markets, flows of goods and labour, money system overcame the rule system, therefore creating many peculiar situations.  

Every day we are bombarding with news about situation in Ukraine, conflict with Russia, problem of Crimean independence and we are more than happy to cheer for Ukrainian people and their fight for the freedom. We are convinced where is the good and bad side, however not seeing that in democratic standards the role are quiet opposite. As far as what government of Viktor Yanukovych was doing was a violation of human rights, they way how the new government was proclaimed and its legitimacy is far from democratic standards. There was no properly processed act of impeachment, neither the new parliament was elected. People who were ruling during Yanukovych government, now are creating rules for new elections and taking part in a new government. Same as with the oligarchs which stood beside him, now after the shift are supporting the new government. This does not seem perfectly fine. Nothing surprising then, that Russia’s propaganda use this arguments in order to justify its rule over Crimea.   

All the western democratic countries, with USA and EU in lead, supported the mass protests and overturn of the government, even though it was done without keeping up with democratic standards. On the track side of loud fight for freedom, the rivalry for influence over Ukraine between Russia and EU is taking place, in form of trade deals or loans. Just few days over proclaiming new government, officials from Brussels and IMF offered money to sustain collapsing economy, which will come for sure with harsh conditions. People that are today cheering the turn for west in few months may be protesting again against austerity measures and not less ruthless money distribution than with disgraced oligarchs.  


By Kamil Czarnecki


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