Is Green technology a step forward for the International Political Economy?

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With the unreliability of gas and the potential environmental damage of nuclear power is the investment of wind, tidal and renewable technologies a step forward? It seems so especially when the factors of invitation, job creation, energy production and environmental sustainability is involved. It has become more and more important for Government to reduce CO2 emissions to meet the targets set out by the Kyoto protocol.

It seems that Siemens has taken the initiative to invest “£160 million” into a wind turbine production and installation facilities creating around 1,000 jobs in the East Yorkshire and Riding region. The two sites will be the Green Port Hull construction and the rotor blade manufacturing plant in Paull. The additional “£150 million” which will be funded at Paull will help to create 1,000 jobs at the two sites but encourage more job creation which will be linked to the two sites.

These “rotor blades will be 75 metres long and when rotating covers an area the size of two and a half football pitches”. This plant is offering new, revolutionary, ground breaking blade technology to improve wind turbines. This deal is seen as a positive breakthrough for the economy but also for to improve energy security for the U.K. The deal is seen to offer “14 gigawatts worth of energy by 2020” and help ease reliance on unstable and environmentally unclean energy resources such as coal and gas.

This development proves that investments in green technology are a sustainable, long term solution to create jobs and reduce CO2 emission. Especially with oil predicted to run out by 2040, it is important that Britain and other countries invests in green technology to encourage environmental conservation and to ensure that the energy supply is sustainable. Wind energy has the potential to help Britain transform itself into a green economy and influence other countries to do the same.

In terms of employments this is significant opportunity for people who live in Hull and the rest of East Yorkshire and Riding as the area has been significantly hit by the recession. With the withdrawal of BAE in Brough, this is an opportunity for the area to reinvent itself and attract investment. Siemens is most significant development for employment in the area since BAE; whom created mass redundancies.

It is encouraging the Siemens have created 1,000 plus job in a region where unemployment is strife also manufacturing wind turbines will help solve dependency on unsustainable resources such as goal and gas. The importance of the green economy could create jobs and help to protect the environment. In this case the people of East Yorkshire and Riding are the primary winners with the environment and the Government also gaining from this investment. The Green economy could provide a step forward for a sustainable, environmentally conscious economy.

Amy Milliken

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One thought on “Is Green technology a step forward for the International Political Economy?

  1. The Green Technology is the future as the fossil fuels are unreliable and this helps in diversification of the energy industry. Well written. Suzan Shedid (Dubai Campus)

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