“How About A Coke?”


When I think of Coca Cola, I think of Christmas time, I think of having an ice cold Coca Cola in the summer time. I think it’s “the best friend thirst ever had”. The worst thought that creeps into my mind about Coca Cola is the damage it can do to my teeth.


When you think about it if Coca Cola are WINNING (which they clearly are, altogether 1.7 billion servings of coke products are consumed every day) there must be a loser in the equation right?

Unfortunately, for many years that loser has been the people of Rajasthan in India. Coca Cola has been drawing a ridiculous amounts of water from a bottling plant which supplies most of southern India too. In the year 2007 alone Coca Cola used about 900,000 litres from the plant alone. The local farmers are complaining that they cannot cope as they do not have the same amount of equipment that the factory has to draw out the water as they are making the water level descend to about one foot a year. Families are also suffering as they’re claiming Coca Cola’s actions are causing their rice paddles to completely dry up. Water activists in India are claiming Coca Cola is causing exploitation, pollution and enroachment in the region.

How can the Indian government allow Coca Cola to pollute water and land that is their people’s livelihoods??

This is not all, the director of the centre for science and environment, Sunita Nurain announced that 12 large cold drink brands manufactured by Coca Cola sold in and around Delhi contained a cocktail of pesticide residues, chemicals that can cause cancer, damage the nervous and reproductive systems and reduce bone mineral density.

This is all because they need to keep expanding, taking advantage of less developed countries, exploiting land and people where there may not necesarilly be rules and policies to protect the people.

In globalisation there will always be a winner, in this instance it’s Coca Cola, if there’s a winner there almost always has to be a loser, in this case it’s India who have to be exploited in order for Coca Cola to keep expanding.

Wafaa Ashur 


One thought on ““How About A Coke?”

  1. Yes, this is really sad that the company like Coca Cola which is very popular around the world is threatening people’s livelihoods and the environment, exploiting and using vulnerable people in order to get benefits from them. Thousands of people have been affected due to the coca cola plant, they exploited ground reserves and encroached upon the people’s rights to natural resources. If you worked with this company, what would you do in order to address these issues? Madina Orazakynova (Dubai Campus)

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