Some Thoughts on the Division of Labour

One eventually learns that everything is connected to the global political economy. Every child soldier, every retail worker in China, all the children without primary education, every family without a roof over their heads in Syria, and the list goes on. There are many losers in our global political economy, but only a few winners in comparison.

Among the winners we have got the worlds richest people, of which 25 together had the total wealth of 827 billion US dollars in 2012. The amount is believed to be able to pay for universal primary and secondary education throughout the developing world four times. This large amount of money has not come effortlessly, but has it come fairy for all parts?

The statistic below shows us that the wealth of the top 100 billionaires came from the retail sector. Big parts, or most part, of the retail producer countries are countries placed in the third world or emerging economies. Coincidence? 


I believe that you should get paid for hard work and smart investments. I also believe that your actions should not unfairly affect other people’s lives. What is most important? Profits or people? Of course this does not apply to all under the suggested category of ‘super rich’, but it pains to see how many it does apply to. Are companies and their owners blinded by goods and cash flows? Is the contemporary prevailing capitalism to take all the blame? How do we fix it? I believe this is the most disputed discourse around the global political economy. But does everyone want to know the answers? 

Anette Stepanoski


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