The NEW Sustainable China……

Beijing smog

According to recent reports smog is threatening to consume vast areas of the Chinese sky-line, many citizens now have resorted to wearing face masks to filter the air they breathe in and Chinese children are suffering respiratory problems in greater numbers. In the street people perform art and take pictures of themselves up against blue sky backdrops to raise awareness of the serious issue of pollution.

For this reason I am sure that the head of Government Li Keqiang’s pledge to reduce pollution as part of Chinas new sustainable economic policy will be gratefully received by many or most of the population. When he addressed The National People’s Congress in Beijing on March 5th he referred to the pollution as “nature’s red-light warning against the model of inefficient and blind development”.

Li Keqiang believes that making concerted efforts to reduce polluting practises within China should not unduly effect economic growth. This is Great News if all goes to plan and it will certainly generate many more winners than losers both within China and within the world. Let us all hope China’s new economic policy is sustainable and that it is just one of many positive environmental decisions.

If China really is serious about sustainable development practises and pollution control this is a major turning point in the world and it gives us all hope for a brighter future for everyone. The planet Earth can also breathe a huge sigh of relief and with China on her side she will soon feel her burdens lessen as other countries follow suit.



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