The broken aid system

The main purpose for international aid has traditionally been to fight poverty and promote sustain social and economic development in the recipient countries, substantially through strengthening economic growth. Although the aid became more common after World War2 it has a prehistory from the colonial era- both colonialism and aid have the same motives; to ensure political and economic interests and to exert influence. Unfortunately the aid system does not always work that way and usually the people are at the bottom of the pile and it has been like that for years. In most cases, the issues occur due to bad policy, and with corruption among insiders and etc.


Throughout the years there have been many incidents with aid that have gone wrong to corrupted regimes in third world countries with insiders who have benefited themselves with the money. Congo’s dictator Mobutu who was in power throughout the 1970’s to late 1990’s stole millions of dollars that was meant to improve the infrastructure in Congo. Mugabe in Zimbabwe who also received aid to fight diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis did also steal the money to benefit him and his family. The aid that is provided from the International Monetary fund which is funded from the wealthiest countries in the world are disappearing to only fund the tyrannies in countries where there is a lack of institutional framework. Rand Paul (United states senator) have during the last few years expressed that the US foreign aid system is completely out of order. In several occasions he has stated that the US foreign aid system “is taking money from poor people in rich countries and giving money to rich people in poor countries.”


Although there have been developed more alternative methods to distribute aid. And the most common of them is to decentralise aid by giving more power to organisations in local communities so aid is controlled locally, but the traditional aid system as we know it is broken.




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