Putin, The BOSS.


“No two countries that both had McDonald’s had fought a war against each other since each got its McDonald’s”- Thomas L Friedman.

Friedman’s golden arches theory of conflict prevention perfectly describes a countries unwillingness to fight wars once it has reached an economic development where it has a middle class strong enough to support a McDonald’s network.  The Russia-Ukraine dispute is a clear example of this.

 Russia issued an ultimatum stating that if Ukrainian forces do not surrender in Crimea they’ll face assault. Putin is cleverly using the civil unrest in the Ukraine as a way to reclaim Crimea, which was once a part of soviet Russia and happens to be pro-Russia as opposed to the rest of the Ukraine, which is anti-Russia. Invading another country without a legitimate reason undermines the country’s sovereignty and a concept known as the rule of law, although Putin claims Ukraine’s temporary government lacks legitimacy because they weren’t democratically elected is beside the point. The US and European Unions reluctance to have a clear stance on the matter is a clear indication on how globalisation has affected the world so negatively.

 The US and UK claim that they will impose sanctions, however it has come to light that they are hesitant to do so as this will not benefit them economically. If sanctions are imposed chances are sanctions will have to be very light in order for relations to return to normal almost instantly. They will be hesitant as they have much to gain from Russia, as they are a key economic player in the world. Lets take Germany for example, 30% of their fuel comes from Russia, now if economic sanctions are placed on Russia, Germany will also suffer and this is the predicament that most of the countries find them selves in, everyone is willing to appease Putin in order to also secure their financial well being.

This highlights that globalisation is a system that revolves solely on benefiting the more economically developed countries and does not help to protect the interests of the less developed countries.  

Wafaa Ashur


2 thoughts on “Putin, The BOSS.

  1. I am not really sure that everything because of globalization. It makes sense is we think that Ukraine wants to be a part of EU and join the west culture.. However, Russians can not let it to happen, because they would lose a partner.
    This whole Ukrainian situation mostly shows how strong world is afraid of Russia as it is such powerful and strong country. There are no sanctions that could really scare Putin and all of his friends.
    Well, this is just my opinion,

  2. Well-written. The cold war that’s taking place in Ukraine right now will not affect Russia as much as it would affect the US or EU if they place sanctions. However, I would disagree that globalisation doesn’t affect the developing countries as it’s due to globalisation, many countries have had access to job and economy growth. It’s due to globalisation, the sanctions are not easily placed on Russia as it will affect developing and developed countries. That’s at least what I think. 🙂
    Suzan Shedid, Dubai Campus

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