Local Graduates: The Precariat Class

In a very brief explanation, precarity is a condition without predictability or stability, affecting material or psychological welfare. The situation is not sugar coated at all and is as bad as it sounds. The lack of stability and predictability is no way for a person to live especially a graduate. In a utopian world, one is suppose to get what he/she is due as at when, in other words, after gaining an education and becoming a graduate, in the natural procession, a job follows and some sort of security comes with that. In reality, the number of people coming out of schools without a decent job to hold onto is fast increasing and therefore creating a class of its own. Using Nigeria as a case study, the jobs are rushed on by the returning international graduates leaving the lack of predictability to the local graduates to deal with. The numbers are rising and will continue to do so if precarity is not handled with some level of finesse.

Kelvin O’D(Dubai Campus) Image


One thought on “Local Graduates: The Precariat Class

  1. While searching on youth unemployment I went through one article regarding Nigeria, I don’t remember everything in detail, but it has mentioned few factors to unemployment. So the key factors are poor implementation of government policies, corruption, job-skill mismatch and lack of opportunities to develop entrepreneurial skills. I absolutely agree that local graduates are the losers for the reason that they are less likely to become employed than international graduates, but in this case corruption is a key factor that causes youth unemployment, even though if the Nigerian government tries to solve this issue by just creating labour market for the youth, I don’t think it will work, the government must invest on education, provide more opportunities and trainings to help develop necessary skills. Education is really important, of course the government knows that, but cannot invest money on education, this is why international graduates are more lucky in getting jobs.

    Madina Orazakynova (Dubai Camp)

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