Please Diversify Now….


We keep hearing time and time again about the unfair profit margin developing countries generate from their Natural resources. How colonial imperialists are to blame for the original harvesting and therefore to blame their countries continued reliance on the export of an ever depleting or depreciating commodity. Well I racked my brain for Two seconds and thought “Well the only logical answer is to diversify; do something else then?”

I know what you’re thinking “She’s over simplifying or she’s even belittling developing nations”. Well I would like to tell you that if I lived in a developing country I would be saying the same as I am now; we are not losers, we are winners. We can’t keep blaming external influences and we need to take charge of our own destiny and do the right thing by our people and our country.

Come on lads let’s get our innovative heads together and come up with something new or better than the competition. We have the resources, we have the need, the will, the brains and the time. So let’s just get on with it and not rely on the competition and or foreign businessmen or governments to guide us or give a helping hand. After all they are in business to make money for themselves and their country first and foremost.

OK I agree with you I have over simplified a very complex issue, but diversification and innovation is the only answer. Any sensible businessman covers his back and moves into different markets if the competition causes his profits to fall because it’s just logical to find more lucrative or sustainable markets. Governments and businessmen need to speculate to accumulate and use education and imagination to come up with new business opportunities for the benefit of their country and even the world.



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