Millennium Development Goals

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)


The United Nations Millennium Development Goals are eight goals that all 191 UN Member States have agreed to try to achieve by the year 2015. The United Nations Millennium Declaration, signed in September 2000 commits world leaders to combat poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, environmental degradation, anddiscrimination against women. The MDGs are derived from this Declaration, and all have specific targets and indicators.

But what is the reality? 

In this new era of globalization, the question of the appalling poverty of large numbers of the world’s people, with continuing enormous inequalities between rich and poor, remains as potent as ever. Over the past decades, the increasing inequality in wealth between different parts of the world, the spread of localized wars, and the new importance of issues such as enviromental degradation, international depth, religious fundamentalism and other forms of competing collective identity, all demonstrate the potential for ‘social dislocation’ turning into worldwide chaos. Thus it is ever more urgent to address such issues, and declaration such as that at Millennium Development Goals created by the UN. However,. It is hard to believe that despite an international effort and development agencies such as UNDP, UNHCR, UNICEF, WEP, FAO and others agencies of development we are not able to provide and achieve fine result in order to help people to meet their basic needs to live a life with dignity and satisfaction. And I think that we have to be very critical about it because people are still dying frankly lets say for stupid reason as sanitation or access to clean water..Also  study the politics is not only about the political affairs,it is  effects every single aspect of our live. . So will The Millennium Develoment Goals able to achieve and the goals by 2015? In some sense yes, they will. In many ways contitions for people in developing countries have been amelorated and continue to be improved. In other sense,not, they will not able to change social collapse that has been affecting many regions in Africa and Asia, for instance in sub-Saharan Africa.’ But with the best will in the world, the current scope for using development assistance to transform livelihoods on large scale is very small. It seems more likely that things will really change only when the affluent have no choice’ (  Allen and Thomas, 2000, 215).

Branislav Majkuth


One thought on “Millennium Development Goals

  1. I agree a satisfactory quality of life for all should really be made a priority, continued discussions can not replace actual action. It is clear in most cases what is unacceptable and solutions need to be discussed and implemented now, not by 2020. People have suffered enough, they need to be party to the solution and be aware of their responciblities to each other and their country. Also someone needs to police and protect citizens from the greedy and the selfish; the needless exploitation of humans, animals, the planet and environment must be outlawed.

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