Welfare can be best said as the provision of a minimal level of well-being and social support for all the citizens in the country and on the other hand it can be said to be a public aid. In most of the developed countries, the government basically provides the welfare. The welfare states expand their conceptions by including HealthCare services and unemployment protection.

                The tax benefit system is unfair to the people who are living in poverty. The system make the poorest to pay the highest rates of tax which make it very heard for the poorest to earn, save and be a family because mostly the money actually goes to the better-off people. I keep on asking if the welfare states doesn’t actually reduces poverty, what does it do with all the money earn from the tax? For example the UK government is spending over £585 billion per year and most of the money goes to the services, and only less than 5% of the government spending is spent on directly to reduce inequality and poverty, however these is still spent on employing people to provide them with services which they will benefit from, but it particularly benefit those who are lucky enough to be employed indirectly or directly by the government.

                It is a common sense that the welfare state is becoming more of a cumbersome, centralized and disempowering system that doesn’t tackle the most fundamental problem that is poverty. Its is very clear that the better-off are those that benefit more from welfare and the poorer are the losers of a welfare state. 

zakiyyah tukur 


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