School as a Tool


Providing early child education, such as primary school, is one of the most important indicators to eradicate extreme poverty and empower the people of various developing communities. Of course primary school is just a start – but a huge step in the right direction. The capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, does provide opportunities for children to go to school, although some children are left out, particularly in the slum area. Aljazeera (2014) reports that fortunately for the children, a few university students have initiated their own free school for the ones who are left out, picking up the slacks of the government.  The children have big aspirations of what they want to be – from filmmakers to teachers.

One of the most important goals of this initiative is to keep the children out of the drug business, which is a prevailing crime activity in the slum areas. The children tend to be involved because of the drug-money, as they would be able to provide additional income to their families, as other family members may not make enough to support the whole family. Some parents would be reluctant to stop the child from working, while others want them to enjoy their childhood. Education should be more important than income as it is sustainable and can lead to a better future for the children, but the problem of survival is still there for them and their families. Some families are dependent for every family member to contribute with income, as jobs in exploitative factories (if lucky enough to have a job) do not suffice. 

Although the initiative is small, it is significant. We can all learn from these contributions to society, as they are severely needed. Some are able to help the loser to the forces of globalism, even a few university students, and that makes us think about how much others, various international institutions and ourselves are able to help. But is it that easy? It’s not likely that independent contributors are able to change the exploitative system and forces of globalism – at least not alone. There are several different opinions and initiatives on how to help and how to lift loser from the bottom and toward the top, and access to school is one very important indicator – but to what extent is it possible when we live in a world prevailed by the neoliberal, paradigmatic, exploitative system of Capitalism?

Anette Stepanoski


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