The spring is upon us, and it would seem, the Russian bear has awakened, hungry and aggressive, after the long period of hibernation, which began in 1991. However, by biting of a chunk of a neighbor’s land, the starving beast is not really gaining anything. It is merely trying to hold to its influence, which was about to be lost. To keep one of its favorite playgrounds under control, after Yanusovic, Putins royal servant charge of it, has been ousted. The situation in Crimea is very similar to the events of 1938, when Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia to usurp the Sudeten. He did so on the same pretext to protect his people living in the region, despite the fact it belonged to the different, sovereign country. Putin’s move is incredibly bold and it proves he definitely won the game of intimidation with other global powers, as he seemingly managed to discourage the USA of military intervention in Syria not so long ago, to protect his interests. Few mounts ago later he doesn’t hesitate to invade a sovereign country shortly after the biggest manifest of peace in the world, he is at time hosting: the Olympic games. It could be argued, the cold war has never truly ended. But Russian bear was asleep and now it is awake. Putin decided to stir the pot and made the first move. Now it is the opponents turn. So far, there are no winners, just one player losing badly, and that is the Ukraine-Crimea. Last time, the history ventured into this part of the world, merely seven decades ago, in 1945. It was to reorganize war torn Europe during the Yalta Conference. Maybe something similar is about to happen. Branislav Majkuth


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