International Aid, Where does it really go?????


 Almost Half the world, that’s approximately three billion people live under $2.50 a day.
 So that means almost HALF the world is poor!!!

Surely then, it is our obligation to help the half of the world that is poor?
“Why of course it is! In fact we vow to give as much as we are capable of every year to those needy.” claims western governments.
Helping the needy is of course a moral thing to do after all, not to mention also a religious teaching in the major religions.
” We want to help alleviate the horrible conditions these innocent people have to go through and make things better for them so they can deal with the problems themselves later” claims western governments.

This may be the case, but it is not the main focus. Unfortunately as you will discover below, International Aid is a political move more than a ‘Humanitarian’, religious, and Moral obligation.  

International aid is not just about providing recipient countries with money, no, but also includes services, foods and commodities and our dear friend “DEBT RELIEF” which I will come back to in a short while. 

You may not be aware but the majority of the countries that are poor were once colonized and its effects can be seen now in the eyes of poverty. Having gained independence these countries had to start fresh with not a lot of understanding of how to run a country and the implications of ruling in a certain way. They needed money to rebuild their countries, so stuff like infrastructure, education, housing and the whole lot. This struck a light bulb for former colonialist, (which are now the developed countries) and the idea of providing Loans for international assistance was initiated. 
These poor countries had to and still are going through yet another colonialism. This time around it is more politically, self interest motivated. 
In order for for the poor countries to have loans, they have to sign a contract with the IMF and World Bank. On many occasions these contracts are very hard to understand and have a very short time for submission. In a desperate state the poor country will sign the contract, only to later find out that they are now indebted to the World Bank and IMF for a very long time. 

Another point to bare in mind is that, now that these poor countries have indebted themselves to the wealthy donor sending countries they are at a very big risk of being pulled with strings.
Donor countries many a time give aid with an expectation from recipient countries that they will do what the donor country wants.
For example during the cold war, usa and soviet union both used aid as a means to draw countries on their side. The side of either communism or capitalism. 

Or more commonly in our day and age, the promise of foreign Aid in return for access to military bases in recipient countries.
Prime example being America and its so called ‘War on terror’.

Therefore ‘DEBT RELIEF’ is not a Victoria sponge cake, it is rather a spell of the dark arts. 

This raises millions of question about the notion of international Aid and debt relief. 
Who is in charge of overseeing these contracts? Is there any regulation? How can we stop this manipulation?

This is a pure example of capitalism which results in individual benefits to the sending countries. 
The losers are the poor countries and the winners are the donor sending countries  

Mohammad Uzair 


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