Slumdog Millionaire

The Oscar winning screening, “Slumdog Millionaire” sheds light on India’s sex slave industry and exposes human child trafficking, which can be deemed as a ruthless contribution towards India’s economy, accelerated by globalisation. This film demonstrates a significant proportion of India’s slum population who are outcasts and exploited as a consequence of poverty, particularly children. In a traumatic scene, the character of Latika, a vulnerable young girl is shown as being trafficked into the sex industry. She is taught classical Indian dance skills, which is an inherent attraction for sex tourists and native Indian men, with an intention of being sold to a highest bidder for her virginity. In another instance, orphans are picked up from streets in India, lured with a “global drink” of soda, brainwashed about how they are being taken care for, and finally enslaved by having them hold babies to show that they are unfortunate young mothers. Child labour and child abuse initiated by predators for the quest of a luxurious “western-oriented” life can be seen throughout the film, whereby these individuals are enjoying commodities made available by globalisation. In addition, another scene which was quite funny and captivated my attention was when the trafficked children mischievously stole parts of an American couples Mercedes Benz. I do not know for certain if the director was aiming for a satirical implication, but when the American man asked those children if they had insurance (Come on, really?) and on hearing a no (Surprise!), he handed a couple of American dollars to Ram following a rather sad comment, “a real bit of America”. Now if I am to be critical and do propose an underlying meaning, this is the capitalist Western presumption if I may emphasise, and mind-set that liberation of trade and financial inflows will solve all problems faced by our globe which is rather naive; money will make the problem go away. This film portrays the sad realities of children from under-privileged backgrounds who are stuck in the vicious supply chain of human trafficking in India. These innocent children with reference to this film are the losers in the global political economy. If you wish to watch the full film with English subtitles and I urge one to, please follow:


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