Transnational Company Draining India Out !





“For every 2.7 litres of water it takes, it produces one litre of product”. 




When people from all over the world drinks a bottle of Coca Cola, individuals do no realise how much water is needed to produce the drink they are drinking. Coca Cola is the largest beverage company in the world and have situated plants across the world. In the year 2004 it had been estimated that Coca Cola had consumed 283 BILLION !!!! litres of water, which is a huge amount. For every 2.7 litres of water it uses, it  produces 1 litre of product. there profits year after 2004 does not seem surprising as Coca Cola is drank all over the world making just under $15 billion in profit.


Having a booming company creating jobs all over the world is great, HOWEVER !! much media attention has created a stur for the Coca Cola company plants in India and beyond !! Villages across India rely on water wells greatly in order to have a decent life in growing crops for families or to sell in order to generate income.


Much complaining has been done to the extent to which local village councils have ask to shut down Coca Cola plants because of the amount of water being extracted from the ground and how much it is really affecting local communities. Farmers are finding it difficult to grow crops because the wells just become deeper and deeper for the locals to dig in order to extract water. Therefore thousands of farmers have been put out of jobs because of the selfish act of huge Transnational Companies manipulating governments in order to prosper. 


There has been huge environmental implications such as poisoning of the land and also dumping waste sludge. Coca Cola have defended themselves saying that it is fertilisers. These are just some of the acts large companies do affecting peoples livelihoods.


What needs to be done is for contracts to be revised between the company and government. There needs to be rules and regulations in place so that communities do not feel neglected and also have rights and have a sense of belonging within the Indian society. local people also need a decent way of living and the Indian government have neglected them.




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One thought on “Transnational Company Draining India Out !

  1. The argument against a large multinational like Coca cola raises a number of issues. One can point at the way in which TNCs neglect their social responsibilities toward the local communities in which they operate. Vast majority of their profits are drained out of the countries while little or no investment is being placed in the communities they operate or on the workers. But do TNCs really care about the welfare of those communities. Hell No!!! All that matters to them is how best to make the bank balances of their shareholders look more attractive. If it means depleting the environment or exploiting vulnerable people so be it! Unfortunately, it is the world we live in today!!!

    Fatou Jallow

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