Economy and Education: Dance Partners?


“A highly qualified workforce can benefit the economy and society generally, energising businesses and driving innovation”

The argument is strong in context of funding a Masters degree. The fact that funding for further education after a completed bachelor is as hard to acquire as finding gold on the streets of London is troubling and most certainly limiting for UK students. Should the procurement of education and knowledge be based on your family’s economic standpoint?

In a society where now a bachelor degree is common among young men and women, the competition for jobs has become severely harder. Gaining a masters degree and/or a PhD can help you get a job and even your dream job in a time where the economy is weaker and jobs are sparse for newly educated people. The divide between students with money and the ones without may create a further social and economic divide between people including class, ethnicity, gender and culture. Financial trouble can prevent important and excellent minds of young students to miss the opportunity to shine and actually contribute to society in general. As university fees are rising, the situation gets even worse.

Not only students are losers in this situation, but equally the society as a whole and the future for all of us.

Anette Stepanoski


One thought on “Economy and Education: Dance Partners?

  1. I wholly agree youth’s are losing out. This government has completely ostracised the youth, nearly a million under-25’s are unemployed. Furthermore education is becoming privatized therefore closing the doors to many future minds the reason for this is that youths are viewed as politically apathetic hence no one attempts to win their vote. This like you mentioned will just cause further inequalities, and I predict we will see more of the August riots in the future.

    Marte Vokshi

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