The UK’s Not so eco-friendly Light Bulb…..


When I first found out that the Government was banning the incandescent light-bulb to replace it with a new eco-friendly mercury one I was bemused. So bemused in fact that I contacted friends of the earth to ask them “What exactly is so eco-friendly about a MERCURY light-bulb?” The man on the phone laughed and said “Well nothing really, the Government were given about 300 patents to choose from and for some reason unknown to everyone they chose the mercury one”

Mercury is a well-known highly toxic liquid metal, Norway and Sweden have banned the import and export of the substance. The effects of mercury poisoning are quite severe, even just being in a room lit with a mercury bulb can cause tiredness both from the radiation emitted and from the flicker of the bulb. The more a person is exposed to, the worse the prognosis, mercury has been linked to cancer, schizophrenia, birth defects and well just about everything; the World Health Organisation has put it in the top ten chemicals of major public health concern.

I had heard that if a mercury light-bulb should smash in your home you should vacate the room for 15mins. So when my daughter broke one in her bedroom skipping with her hula-hoop I panicked cursing myself for putting them up in my house. (But of course I had no choice there was a ban)

Guidelines say vacate and ventilate the room for at least 15mins, do not use a hoover to pick up broken pieces as this results in particles being blown back into the air and if any mercury dust may have fallen on fabrics or carpets throw them away. WHAT!!!! This is insane…… Why has the Government inflicted this poison on us all?

Mercury is a by-product gained from many industrial processes for example gold and silver mining, the burning of fossil fuels and when generating nuclear energy. Is the Government using the general public as a way of disposing of this toxic waste??????

Who are the Winners here, only the companies profiting from mercury in their industrial processes and persons who wish to dispose of Mercury deposits in their possession. While the rest of us loose out and worse still; China has begun mercury mining again to for-fill contracts with the UK to make eco-bulbs. (Insanity and we accuse them of human rights abuses)

I feel I am having a nightmare and I want to wake up????



3 thoughts on “The UK’s Not so eco-friendly Light Bulb…..

  1. There is a more sinister theory though……What if….Just what if someone had been selling mercury light-bulbs all over the world for decades…….And what if they had found out that they are evil and do terrible harm to life if not handled properly……..So someone decided it may somewhat appease the injured parties if they new that UK citizens were using them also (although with significantly smaller doses of mercury used of course).
    I so hope this is not the case; but raking my brain to think of reasons even terrible ones WHY anyone let alone a Government would promote a mercury bulb?????

  2. I remember pushing mercury around the desk at school…..and having teeth filled with amalgum (contains mercury) …. is it really that bad? If you need ‘real’ lightbulbs they are still availavle or better still buy LEDs

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