Well this post will be about high street brands such as: Nike, Puma, Adidas etc. which dominated the Olympics in 2012, and those more exclusive brands (DKNY, Ralph Laurent and more).Now short question: do you thought about the production process or the conditions of workers who are producing your awesome Air Force Ones or incredible Ralph Laurent polo shirt? Of course you don’t, consumers do not care less (so do I, until I can pay less for a certain good, I’m happy). Anyway we all love to wear clothes made by the companies mentioned above, but this is not all that they have in common. According to the article in “The Guardian”, many of workers (100,000 of them to be accurate) in factories, where most of them are located in the PhilippinesIndonesia and Sri Lanka are not earning minimum wage and 76% of the workers are females, so the “globalised supply chain exploits women” so the women in the West can buy their new DKNY sweater for less (but not cheap). So you can say: take that feminists.  But getting back to the merits of the case: situation is getting worse than better, most of the workers are underpaid, working without contracts, and the overtimes are compulsory. Everything for the sake of productivity target (in Sri Lanka wages are paid only of the workers meet them). Anyway who are the winners? Corporation of course and maybe the consumers, so next time when you will go to the shop for a new pair of trainers take in mind how the product is made. For more details check: 


Jacek Bazis


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